Urea Crusher

The urea crusher mainly uses the grinding and shearing of the gap between the high-speed drum and the concave plate, the size of the gap determines the degree of crushing of the material, the speed and diameter of the spoke cylinder can be adjusted. After the urea enters the body, it hits the body wall and baffle to break it, And then grind into powder through the rack between the cylinder and the concave plate. The gap of the concave plate is adjusted by the adjusting mechanism in the range of 3-12 mm, and the feeding port adjusting mechanism can control the production volume.

Equipment Characters:Simple structure, high crushing efficiency, and good sealing performance.

The main technical parameters


(mm) Center distance

Production capacity (t/h)

Feed size (mm)

Discharge granularity (mm)

Matching motor power (kW)





≤1mm 70%-90%


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